Kent Marker, Managing Director, Umicore Catalyst (China) Co, Ltd

I have been in China for more than a decade now and have seen how fast things can develop and take a turn. I expect that the governmental surveillance and ‘no trust’ attitude will increase and that very strict environmental regulations will put more pressure on the companies to handle their emissions and waste. What will be really interesting to see is what the global logistic setup will look like and what impact that will have on the Chinese business environment.

Quick decisions and fast implementation have often created lack of clarity, gray areas and questions, I see the European Chamber as a partner to the Chinese government and institutions supporting fair treatment of foreign companies and clarifying where clarity is needed.

We have seen that the European Chamber can help and have access to high level authorities when needed; personally, I have enjoyed the networking via the Chamber very much.

Kent Marker, Managing Director, Umicore Catalyst (China) Co, Ltd
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