Xia Jinsong, Deputy CEO, Thales China

What’s your favourite, best memory of the European Chamber experience?

My favorite times are when we discuss together what we should do to promote the partnership between Europe and China, like during our lunch discussion.

What’s the difference of China’s business/regulatory environment in your industry today vs. 20 years ago?

China is more open than 20 years ago for sure. Personally, I experienced two major openings – opening to wholly-owned foreign enterprise (WOFE) aviation maintenance, opening to WOFE aircraft production at any tonnage.

What role do you expect the European Chamber to take in the next 20 years?

I hope the European Chamber will be pushing more for a top-level strategic partnership between the European Union and China, in parallel to the technical discussions we are engaging in now.

What has been the biggest accomplishment of your working group so far?

No real concrete sudden big accomplishment, yet the participation in the development of civil aviation on subjects including air traffic management, unmanned aerial vehicle/unmanned traffic management regulation, pushing for the opening of general aviation, and so on, are having some effects as we see.

Xia Jinsong, Deputy CEO, Thales China
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