Frank Meyer, Plant Manager, Vice President, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (China) Co, Ltd

Having worked for many years for Bosch in China gave me the chance to follow the development of the cooperation between companies and the local government.

Especially in a new or unknown environment, it is important to be able to benchmark and exchange ideas with reliable partners. The risk of misunderstanding or overlooking essential elements in the way to set up a business, communicate effectively with local organisations or respond to specific requirements is of high value.

Here the European Chamber is a very important lighthouse, also for us, the big companies. It is very helpful to get a second voice on relevant topics in addition to our internal cooperate information and approaches. In many aspects, the European Chamber approach is focussing more on the specific relevant local aspects and, in many cases, the Chamber is more efficient in providing this information to us.

I can imagine that for small and medium-sized enterprises, such information, training sessions and support might even play a bigger role.

Overall, it is good to get connected and set up an effective network of business partners. Easy to approach when issues arise. Approach local organisations together as one group representing a bigger group with higher impact helps to get in touch with the relevant levels faster and achieve the impact needed for sustainable, successful business development. 

The European Chamber in Nanjing is very active, with the call for government dialogues on relevant issues to support a clear and fast address to the right level.

In many aspects, our contribution in the form of constructive dialogue did support the development of more ‘customer-focussed’ approaches and procedures in the official organisations.

Nevertheless, especially due to the latest economic development and the global uncertainty, new and further issues will emerge on which we will be required to work together within the European Chamber network and with local governments to contribute to and participate in the opportunities which will arise in these challenging times.

Frank Meyer, Plant Manager, Vice President, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (China) Co, Ltd

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