Interview with Guido Bergonzini, General Manager, Jiangmen Emak Outdoor Power Equipment Co., Ltd

What’s your favourite, best memory of the European Chamber experience?

Previously, I did not participate in events organised by the European Chamber. From the point of view of communication and information, I appreciated very much all the business surveys done and the news and information about the business environment in China. This kind of information always gave me some very interesting points of view on business in China. My opinion is that a chamber of commerce should support and help companies to understand the environment in which they operate and the possible evolution of this environment. The European Chamber should be the ‘intelligent sensor’ in the Chinese environment collecting information from companies, authorities, markets and main actors in China. Analysing and elaborating on this information to give the associated companies an ‘intelligent overview’ on the actual business environment and how it is going to change.

What’s the difference between China’s business/regulatory environment in your industry today vs. 20 years ago?

Now everything is becoming more and more complicated: rules and regulations changing and becoming tighter. This means cost increases and more difficulties in running a business.

How do you expect to see China’s business/regulatory environment change in 20 years?

More transparent regulations from the government and a fair market for everyone. Currently, Chinese companies, not only SOEs, have lots of advantages compared to many foreign companies. Chinese companies now still have lots of unfair competitive advantages.

What role do you expect the European Chamber to take in the next 20 years?

Lobby and pressure the Chinese Government to eliminate all the unfair competitive advantages Chinese companies still have in the Chinese market – and not only in Chinese market.

What value has the European Chamber brought to you/your company/your industry? 

Better understanding of the Chinese environment from a European point of view.

Guido Bergonzini, General Manager, Jiangmen Emak Outdoor Power Equipment Co., Ltd

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