Interview with Dr. Jin Carsten Shen, General Manager of SUSPA (Nanjing) Co., LTD.

How long have you been in China?

I went to Germany to pursue a Ph.D. degree at the Berlin University of Technology in 1988. Then I joined ABB’s research center in Germany in 1996, where I was in charge of new product development and technology management. In 2011, I came to Nanjing and became the general manager of SUSPA (Nanjing) Co Ltd up to today; already more than 9 years.

Do you feel that the Chinese authorities care about the Chamber’s messaging and recommendations?

Definitely. The European Chamber helps European companies build a harmonious environment for communication with the local government, by getting the authorities to consider the special requirements of European companies in Jiangsu, facilitate high-quality development and improve the local business environment, which is crucial to our future well-being. Every year, the European Chamber leads a country-wide survey on the business environment and publishes a Position Paper, which are effective ways to communicate with the government. In Jiangsu, we have had the opportunity for face-to-face communication with responsible provincial officers about the concerns and problems of European companies, and learn about the new governmental policies. This has proven to be a useful communication platform.

Does the European Chamber today resemble your vision of what you thought it could be when it first started?

Yes. The European Chamber is not only a policy communication platform with the Chinese Government but also a platform for member companies to exchange business experiences among themselves. I personally found it very interesting to be regularly able to visit other member companies that have been selected for an on-site experience exchange organized by Nanjing Chapter. We at SUSPA Nanjing have also facilitated such an event with very positive feedback from the participants.

Dr. Jin Carsten Shen, General Manager of SUSPA (Nanjing) Co., LTD.
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