Interview with Thomas Shmitz, General Manager of Andritz Foshan

What’s your favorite, best memory of the European Chamber experience?

In 2019, we won the Top Performer in China award issued by the South China Chapter. We had a wonderful award ceremony in Shenzhen and I, together with my team, enjoyed the evening very much. We felt very honoured by the recognition of the Chamber and are looking forward to similar events in the future. 

What role do you expect the European Chamber to take in the next 20 years?

I hope that the Chamber continues to play a significant role within China, representing all European enterprises at all levels of the Chinese Government, local and central. The initiatives and reflections of the European Chamber, its dialogues with all levels of Chinese Government, advice to its member enterprises and feedback to the Chinese authorities give it high credibility and visibility within China – much more so than one would expect of a non-government-linked organisation or association. This is a result of unbiased communication, elevating the European Chambers above the ranks of other chambers that are mainly supported by and supportive of their national governments. 

In this respect, I hope the European Chamber will remain relevant, not only for the representation of European enterprises here in China, but beyond that, to continue to achieve real progress, something we have continuously experienced during the past decades.

Thomas Shmitz, General Manager of Andritz Foshan

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