Interview with Emilio Wang (Jianmin Wang), Mazars Managing Partner.

What’s your favorite, best memory of the European Chamber experience?

One of the good memories was the Europe Investment and Innovation Cooperation Conference in Dongguan in 2019, to which I was invited by the European Chamber, it was a fruitful networking event that went smoothly thanks to organisation by the Chamber.

I especially would like to mention the speeches given by the local authorities, representatives of various European organisations, Chamber President Jörg Wuttke, and in particular by the Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union in China, H.E. Nicolas Chapuis. It was quite encouraging to see European companies eager to develop and grow in Southern China. That was a motivational and positive discourse for future cooperation in China’s southern region.

What role do you expect the European Chamber to take in the next 20 years? What value has the European Chamber brought to you/your company/your industry?

The European Chamber will continue to smooth operations and bring value for European companies in China and for Chinese domestic development as well. It will remain a bridge through which various business environments shall reach mutual understanding and broaden their horizons. In the world of globalisation, understanding different business cultures is a crucial milestone for future success and integration. This is one of the European Chamber’s main goals and values in China.

The European Chamber plays a tremendous role for business in general, as a mediator for tolerance between various businesses, and also between various nations towards mutual understanding and respect.

Emilio Wang (Jianmin Wang), Mazars Managing Partner

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