Message from Sun Jin, deputy director-general, Department of Commerce, Jiangsu


Twenty years have passed, and the European Chamber is still going strong. Because of your hard work, many achievements have been made. On behalf of the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Chamber!


Another spring has come, yet the East Coast looks so different compared to twenty years ago. As a leader in China’s economic reform, Jiangsu has grown into a beautiful, strong, and wealthy province, and the European Chamber has been with us all the way. Together, we are building a better future.


Together, we are providing opportunities for future business cooperation between the European Union (EU) and China. By actively helping firms from the EU to understand and adapt to the Chinese market, we encourage firms from both sides to build trade relations and drive investment growth.


Together, we are bridging the communication gap. In the past twenty years, we have conducted research multiple times on doing business in China for EU firms. Publications such as the European Business in China position papers, the local Nanjing position papers and the Business Confidence Survey have provided valuable suggestions for decision-making to the government. They have also brought our government and local firms closer to each other in an open business environment.


Together, we are creating space for communication. Every year, our department collaborates with the Nanjing Chapter of the Chamber to host events such as the Jiangsu European Day and the Jiangsu-EU Investment Forum, during which firms from both European and Chinese enterprises share details on their progress with the government and find new opportunities for cooperation.


I have confidence in the future of the Chamber. Together, we are going to make great progress on trade and economic relations between Jiangsu and the EU. All the best to the European Chamber!

Sun Jin, deputy director-general, Department of Commerce, Jiangsu

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