Interview with Cindy Zhang, Marketing and Corporate Communication Director at Metsä Group; Vice Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum at the European Chamber.

How long have you been involved with the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC)?

I started working with the European Chamber at the end of 2014.

What would you say are the biggest accomplishments of the CSR Forum in the European Chamber in past years?

Together with the team, we have developed our own competences as a platform that benefits both members and the CSR sector in China, one of which is to complete case studies and best practice-sharing for practical problem-shooting by way of the CEO Talks and the Sustainability Business Awards.

What would you like to see happening with the CSR Forum in the next months/years?

I think we can keep making positive changes by being consistent with the work we are already doing.

How do you think CSR will change in the next 20 years and what role do you expect the European Chamber to play?

CSR will be an opening for companies to view social, financial and environmental aspects as more important in their industry.

What’s the difference of China’s business/regulatory environment in your industry today vs. 20 years ago?

In recent times, there has been much stricter environmental protection regulations at all levels of government, as a result of the higher quality development of the economy. This has offered chances for responsible companies to establish their competences by being compliant and caring.

What do you expect to see China’s business/regulatory environment to change in the next 20 years?

The globalisation trend cannot be reversed, especially as new Internet technologies and infrastructure, like Big Data, artificial intelligence and 5G, and resources shall be used in more efficient ways due to the growing population and climate change. China is on the right track and will be more competent if efficient measures are taken.

What value has the European Chamber brought to you/your company/your industry?

An excellent platform and channel to be closely connected to different levels of government in China and be engaged in related issues that may impact the company’s business development in the market.  

What’s your favourite experience from the European Chamber?

We organised a situational simulation group discussion to help participants understand how “not to waste a crisis”.

Do you feel that the Chinese authorities care about the Chamber’s messaging and recommendations?

Yes, we had success stories in submitting comments on the Labour Law. (Sorry I forgot the details, but authority took seriously the comments from EUCCC)

Cindy Zhang, Marketing and Corporate Communication Director at Metsä Group; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum Vice Chair at the European Chamber.

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