Interview with Peiqin Ding, Tax Partner of Deloitte China (Nanjing); Nanjing Local Chair of Finance and Taxation Working Group at the European Chamber.

I am Peiqin Ding, a tax partner with Deloitte China based in their Nanjing office. I have more than 19 years’ experience in business and tax advisory services. I have also been acting as chair of the Finance & Taxation Working Group for the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter for more than four years. 

Each year, as the working group chair, Deloitte assists the European Chamber in organising a series of seminars and workshops on hot topics relating to finance and taxation, such as the impact of China individual income tax reform on Chinese and foreign individuals, value-added tax (VAT) reform, tax audits and the finance and tax implications from COVID-19. Many members have joined these activities. The European Chamber provides a platform for its members to keep updated on the latest changes in such topics. The European Chamber also supports its members to communicate with each other and share ideas on best practices.

In addition, each year the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter hosts government dialogues and invites public officials from the various government departments so that international companies may consult with them on daily operations. Since 2018, I have been honoured to host discussions among the finance and human resources groups. Government officials from customs, tax and human resource departments were invited to communicate directly with European Chamber members to address concerns, interpret and explain important regulations, provide suggestions and even help solve problems for some specific cases from our members. This dialogue provides members a chance for face-to-face communication with government officials and is an efficient way to resolve operation difficulties. 

In general, the European Chamber in Jiangsu Province is building a platform for members to communicate and acting as a valuable link between the government and members. It is a great pleasure and a good opportunity for Deloitte and also for me personally to work with the European Chamber over the past years. Hopefully, there will be even closer collaboration in the future.   

If you have any suggestions on building a stronger finance and tax group, they would be greatly appreciated. 

Peiqin Ding, Tax Partner of Deloitte China (Nanjing); Nanjing Local Chair of Finance and Taxation Working Group at the European Chamber

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