Interview with Jens Eskelund, Managing Director, Maersk China Ltd; Vice President, European Chamber.

Does the European Chamber today resemble your vision of what you thought it could be when it first started?

When 51 companies joined hands to form the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China back in October 2000, few had imagined what was ahead, as China soon thereafter joined the World Trade Organization and China’s trade and engagement with the world took off.

The European Chamber quickly became the indispensable source of reliable, real-time information (on Chinese policies and legislation) and a powerful channel to advocate European perspectives and interests towards key stakeholders in China. Since its founding, the European Chamber has been an essential part of our tool box in Maersk. Backed today by the weight of 1,700+ member companies, this is European business talking.  

At a point in time when trade and the benefits of globalisation are under threat as never before, there is an urgent need for ensuring a rational debate and engagement with stakeholders in China and in Europe, so progress made over the past decades is not put at risk due to misunderstandings or lack of reliable information. The European Chamber will play a key role in this as a voice of reason and as a source of reliable, unbiased information insisting that Europe and China will find ways to prosper together.

Jens Eskelund, Managing Director, Maersk China Ltd; Vice President, European Chamber
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