“The 2001/2 European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Position Paper is published at an exciting time. China’s accession to the [World Trade Organization] WTO is imminent and the commitments made in the Accession Protocol will bring fresh opportunities for European business in China.”

Peter Batey, President’s Foreword, European Business in China Position Paper 2001-2002

Shortly after the formal approval of China’s accession to the WTO and the adoption of the Doha Development Agenda (DDA), on 3rd and 4th December 2001, EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy visited Shanghai and Beijing at the invitation of his counterpart, Chinese Trade Minister Shi Guangsheng. The purpose was to further develop close cooperation in global trade matters established with China during the WTO accession negotiations, following the decision of the DDA, and to discuss the economic and legislative reforms carried out by China in the context of its WTO accession.

During his visit, Mr Lamy also met with the European Union (EU) business community, both in Shanghai and in Beijing, and participated in a conference to celebrate China’s WTO accession. The European Chamber took this opportunity to release its Position Paper 2001/2002. Containing papers from 16 working groups, the publication outlined for the first time details of the challenges faced by European enterprises operating in China, and provided recommendations for improving the business environment. Today, the Position Paper remains the European Chamber’s most important annual publication, containing our key advocacy issues for the year ahead and clearly stating where our member companies believe that reforms are needed.

China finally became an official member of the WTO on 11th December 2001.

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